Pin drive bushings

Pin drive bushings

Pin drive bushings consist of lower body half, upper body half, roller and roller pin, etc. when the bushing is installed to square kelly or hex kelly, the square part of the lower body half can be fitted in the square of the master bushing. When operating, the rotary table drives master bushing and master bushing drives roller kelly bushings and roller kelly bushings drive square kelly or hex kelly to rotate, such is the torque transporting. Inside rollers of pin drive bushing are journal bearings which are fitted to the roller pin. When kelly rotates and moves downward, the rollers of pin drive bushing rotates with Kelly, and this changes sliding friction to rolling friction and minimizes the abrasion of the kelly. The pin drive bushings are equipped with mud-scrapper assembly to clean the mud.

Advantages of the Pin Drive Bushings:
  • Pulling out or feeding off string can be done while rotating.
  • Because of their integral construction, kelly bushings can not fly out or hurt you.
  • The pin drive bushings are easily installed into the master bushing, maintaining good alignment.
  • The contact between kelly and roller is a rolling contact, so friction is lower, and weight on bit is accurate.
Application and Specification:

Pin drive bushings are used for 17 1/2-49 1/2 inch rotary tables. They are designed and manufactured according to API Spec 7K.

Type Way of drive Model Suitable for Kelly
Square hex
Heavy Square drive HDS 21/2-6   3-6
Medium Square drive MDS 21/2-41/4 3-41/4
M4 21/2-51/4 3-41/4
Light-duty Square drive S4 21/2-41/4 3-41/4

Founded in August 2000, Jiangsu Saifu Petrol- Machinery Co., Ltd is a China based manufacturer and supplier of drilling tools and spare parts, include pin drive bushings. These kelly bushings have been sold to various domestic oilfields and exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa and South-East Asia and other overseas regions.

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