• Jiangsu Saifu Petrol- Machinery Co., Ltd is a modern company specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing of petroleum equipment and oil drilling spare parts. After several years of research and innovation, the company has become an oil drilling tools manufacturer with a certain scale. The products have been largely supplied to various domestic oilfields and overseas regions like Europe, America, Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa and South-East Asia, etc. The leading petroleum equipment and oil drilling spare parts include:
  • Bottleneck Elevator: The bottleneck elevator is a hoisting tool for handling 18 shoulder drill pipe, casings, tubings and drill collar in oil. Based on the different drill string to handle, this product has the following types: Casing elevator, tubing elevator, drill pipe elevator and sucker rod elevator.
  • Slips: The slips are suitable to handle the drill rods in the oil and gas drilling operations. There are casing slips, drill collar slips, pneumatic slips, rotary slips and safety clamp for choice.
  • Bushings: As a threaded fitting, the bushing is used to connect pipelines with different bores. There're kelly bushings, master bushings, casing bushings and chain lifting slings in our company.
  • Manual Tongs: Manual tong is a petroleum equipment designed for making up and breaking connections of tubular goods. These drilling manual tongs are cast from high quality alloy steel, heat-treated and MPI tested. And also the casing tong handling size can be altered.
  • Spiders: As machine tool accessories, spiders are applied to clamp and position work piece by radial movement of the evenly distributed movable claw.
  • Inserts: The dies and slip inserts are made of high-quality alloy steel in our company. After being chemically heat-treated, the inserts possess HRC60 surface hardness and HRC35 core hardness.
  • Bit Breakers: With a three-jaw closed structure, tricone bit breakers can handle the drill pipe in a more reliable way. And the clamping force can be adjusted according to the drill pipe specifications and project's requirements.

1. Founded in August 2000, Jiangsu Saifu Petrol- Machinery Co., Ltd covers an area of more than 40,000 square meters in the scenic beachside of South Yellow Sea. The transportation is very convenient.
2. The company possesses strong technical force, excellent production equipments and complete test facilities. Based on the constant product innovation and good customer service, the market share of our petroleum equipment is increasingly large.
3. Now Jiangsu Saifu Petrol- Machinery Co., Ltd becomes a first-level supply member of Chinese Petroleum & Natural Gas Consortium. At the same time, it's also the member of China Petrochemical Material Resources Market.
4. The company has achieved its own right for product import and export. All the oil drilling spare parts and petroleum equipment are manufactured in accordance with ISO9001-2008, ISO1400:2004, GB/T28001-2011 and API Spec 7K, 8C.

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