• Pin drive bushingsInquiryPin drive bushings consist of lower body half, upper body half, roller and roller pin, etc. when the bushing is installed to square kelly or hex kelly, the square part of the lower body half can be fitted in the square of the master bushing. When operating, the rotary table drives master bushing and master bushing drives roller kelly bushings ...
  • Square drive bushingInquirySquare drive bushing is also referred to as roller bushing or roller kelly bushing. This roller bushing is an essential drilling tool. Square drive bushing is used for 17 1/2-49 1/2 inch rotary tables. It's designed and manufactured according to API Spec 7K. The roller kelly bushing works with master bushing to drive dril...
  • Master BushingsInquiryMaster bushings, kelly bushings and insert bowls of different kind are all available in our company. They are manufactured with high-quality alloy steel castings. These bushings and insert bowls are suitable for the rotary table with the size from 17 1/2 to 37 1/2 inch. Master bushings and insert bowls can ...
  • Casing BushingsInquiryOur company produces all kinds of bushings, including casing bushings, kelly bushings and so on. Casing bushings are manufactured with high-strength heat treated steel. They're specially designed to work with NOV rotary equipment and handling tools. With interchangeable insert bowls, these casing bushings...
  • Chain Lifting SlingsInquiryChain lifting slings are used for removing and installing bushings and bowls. In the picture, P/N1021 chain slings are with 2 hooks for removing and installing bowls; P/N6699 chain slings are with 4 hooks for removing and installing bushing...

The roller kelly bushing is formed by cutting and forging hexagon bar. These bushings with different thread types are also available. The material is high-quality alloy steel with heat treatment. And there are two types, pin drive and square drive. As a threaded fitting, the roller kelly bushing is used to connect pipelines with different bores. This tool plays an irreplaceable role in the pipeline connection. In China, bushings are usually known as hexagonal nipples with inside and outside threaded.

  • As a kind of components, bushings are widely used in the following areas:
  • Large domestic power station auxiliary project.
  • Sewage treatment project of seawater, vapor, cold water, hot water, oxygen, drinking water, refrigeration, oil, gas and medical gas, municipal works.
  • Municipal works.
  • Industries like chemical engineering, oil refining, metallurgy, chemical fertilizer, papermaking and medicine, etc.
The Situation to Use Bushings:

When a different caliber is needed in the water pipe, for example, the caliber of DN15 water pipe is changed to DN20, roller kelly bushing is a must. The threaded outside of DN15 water pipe is connected to the threaded inside of bushing; the threaded inside of DN20 is joint with threaded outside of bushing. However, if DN20 water pipe is with a threaded outside, we can use a short connector with a threaded inside between DN20 pipe and bushing. Threaded connection is very convenient for any water instrument and valve. Therefore, the application of the roller kelly bushing to change calibers is very common both in industry and life.

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