Casing Bushings

Casing Bushings

Our company produces all kinds of bushings, including casing bushings, kelly bushings and so on. Casing bushings are manufactured with high-strength heat treated steel. They're specially designed to work with NOV rotary equipment and handling tools. With interchangeable insert bowls, these casing bushings can accommodate casing sizes from 16 inches up to 42 inches in diameter. There are three standard types for choice. Models CU and CUL are solid bushings, while the Model CB is a split bushing. These bushings are available for 17 1/2 in to 49 1/2 in rotary tables. In the operation, casing bushings are inserted directly into the rotary table to ensure that the casing runs perfectly with the center of the hole.

  • With the high-strength steel structure, casing bushings feature strong hardness and good durability.
  • Casing bushings are a preferred choice when to be used as part of a rotary drilling package, or as a replacement for existing bushings.
  • Casing bushings, kelly bushings and other bushings can all be offered in a wide variety of sizes to fit most rotary tables in the industry.


Rotary table size(in) Bushing Type Casing Size(in)
Type P/N 9 5/8 11 3/4-13 3/8 16 18 5/8-20 24 26 30
17 1/2 or 20 1/2 CU Body and Insert Bowl Body3102 and Insert Bowl1902 Body3102          
26 or 27 1/2 CUL   Body3103 and Insert Bowl3105 Body3103 and Insert Bowl3104 Body3103        
27 1/2 CB Body6695 and Insert Bowl6114 Body6695 and Insert Bowl6126 Body6695 and Insert Bowl6127 Body6695      
37 1/2 or 49 1/2 Body20 and Insert Bowl6114 Body20 and Insert Bowl6126 Body20and Insert Bowl1627 Body20 Body24 Body26 Body30

As a professional China casing bushings, kelly bushings and other oil drilling tools manufacturer, Jiangsu Saifu Petrol- Machinery Co., Ltd becomes a first-level supply member of Chinese Petroleum & Natural Gas Consortium. At the same time, it's also the member of China Petrochemical Material Resources Market. And it has achieved the right for products import and export.

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