CDZ Series Drill Pipe Elevators

CDZ Series Drill Pipe Elevators

Drill pipe elevators are composed of main subject, the shutter, lock pin assembly and handle, etc. They are the essential tools to hang drill pipes in the drilling operation. There are square shoulder and taper shoulder for choice. Taper shoulder elevators, i.e. CDZ series drill pipe elevators are suitable for handling 18°taper shoulder drill pipe, drilling tools and etc. Bottleneck elevator is designed and manufactured in line with API Spec 8C-Specificatiopn for Drilling and Production Hoisting Equipment.

  • The improved general lockpin assembly is easy for the latching or unlatching confirmation of valve. Therefore, the operation safety of bottleneck elevator is largely raised.
  • After the special surface treatment of the elevator body and valve, CDZ series drill pipe elevators have good abrasion performance and long life.

Technical Specifications:

Bottleneck Elevator Specification Suitable for Tool Joint and Drill Pipe Elevator Bores (mm)     Max Load Tons (KN)
Tool Joint Designation Reference Drill Pipe Size and Style
CDZ67 NC26(2.3/8IF) 2.3/8EU 67.47 150(1350) 250(2250) 350(3150) 500(4500)
CDZ83 NC31(2.7/8IF) 2.7/8EU 83.34
CDZ101 NC38(3.1/2IF) 3.1/2EU   100.81
CDZ109 NC40(4FH) 4IU 108.74
CDZ121 drill pipe elevators NC46(4IF) 4EU     121.44
4.1/2FH 4.1/2IU
CDZ133 NC50(4.1/2IF) 4.1/2EU   133.35
5.1/2FH 5IEU
CDZ148 5.1/2FH 5.1/2IEU 147.64

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