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  • Bit BreakersInquiryBit breakers or tricone bit breakers are designed for screwing standard 3-cone bit. They can prevent the drill bit from turning while the bit sub on top of it is tightened or loosened. Tricone bit breakers have no cylindrical shapes, so the conventional wrenches, which are used to tighten cylindrical shapes like pipes, don't fit the bits properly ...
  • Bit Breaker Adapter PlatesInquiryBit breaker adapter plates are fitted in the master bushing drive pin holes. The square hole to accommodate bit breakers is 139/16 inches. Bit breaker adapter plates are suitable for master bushings in the model of MPCH, MSPC, MDSP and MSP. P/N 1815 bit breaker adapter plates are designed for 171/2-21in. master bushings...

Tricone bit breakers are kinds of bit breaker bases. Bit breakers are manufactured with supporting base, pin and back plate. On the four corners of the supporting base, there're four through holes for pin installation. These through holes match the countersinks in the drill table. The upper part of the pin is fixed into the pin holes. The supporting base is inside the four pin holes. It's used to fasten the back plate. This practical and new structure is reasonable and compact, easy to operate. By the installation of the square back plate and pin on the supporting base, tricone bit breakers used in the drilling table with square drive bushing, can also be suitable for the drill table with pin drive bushing. Therefore, bit breakers largely improve work efficiency.

  • With a three-jaw closed structure, tricone bit breakers can handle the drill pipe in a more reliable way.
  • The clamping force can be adjusted according to the drill pipe specifications and project's requirements. Thus, the drill pipe and tong dies can have a longer service time.
  • With a compact structure, the bit breaker can still make up or break out the drill pipes reliably when the drill rod sub is very short.
  • Tricone bit breakers move about through the whole process, to ensure drill pipe joint can withdraw in any position.

As a professional bit breakers and other drilling tools manufacturer, Jiangsu Saifu Petrol- Machinery Co., Ltd possesses strong technical force, excellent production equipments and complete test facilities. After several years of research and innovation, the company has now formed many drilling product series like bushings, bottleneck elevator, manual tongs, spiders, slips, inserts and bit breakers, etc. All these products are manufactured in accordance with ISO9001-2008, ISO1400:2004, GB/T28001-2011 and API Spec 7K, 8C. They're largely supplied to various domestic oilfields and overseas regions as Europe, America, Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa and South-East Asia and etc.

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