Kelly Bushings

  • Pin drive bushingsPin drive bushings consist of lower body half, upper body half, roller and roller pin, etc. when the bushing is installed to square kelly or hex kelly, the square part of the lower body half can be fitted in the square of the master bushing. When operating, the rotary table drives master bushing and master bushing drives roller kelly bushings ...
  • Square drive bushingSquare drive bushing is also referred to as roller bushing or roller kelly bushing. This roller bushing is an essential drilling tool. Square drive bushing is used for 17 1/2-49 1/2 inch rotary tables. It's designed and manufactured according to API Spec 7K. The roller kelly bushing works with master bushing to drive dril...

This roller kelly bushing is an essential drilling tool. The bushings are designed with two drive methods, i.e. square rolling and pin shaft rolling. And according to type, there are heavy, medium and light-duty kelly bushings. The roller kelly bushing can be equipped with turntable slips to drive the square or hexagon kelly bar.


Kelly bushings consist of top cover, base, axis, needle bearing, sealing body, roller, binding bolt, and refuel cup. The needle bearing within the roller is installed on axis whose both ends are compact between top cover and base. The refuel cup lying on axis end injects grease into needle bearing at regular intervals. In order to prevent the sealing body from penetrating and protect the needle bearing, the inner-outer O type circle must be installed on the both ends of the roller. Fasten pin lying on the top of sealing body prevents it from rotating, and inlays are inside seam allowance of up base.

  • To prolong their life, the kelly bushings reduce the friction with kelly bar by the rolling of four rollers.
  • This roller kelly bushing is simple in operation, convenient in installation and perfect in safety performance.
  • Kelly bushings are manufactured according to API Spec 7K ISO9001:2008, GB/T 28001-2001 and GB/T 24001-2004-ISO14001:2004.
Type Way of Drive Model Suitable for Kelly
Square Hex.
Heavy kelly bushings Square Drive HDS 21/2-6 3-6
Pin. Drive 27-HDP 3-6 3-6
20-HDP 3-6 3-6
Medium Square Drive MDS 21/2-41/4 3-41/4
M4 21/2-51/4 3-41/4
Pin. Drive 20-MDP 21/2-41/4 3-41/4
17-MDP 21/2-41/4 3-41/4
Light-duty Square Drive S4 21/2-41/4 3-41/4

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