Type UC Casing Slips

Type UC Casing Slips

The UC casing slips are multi-segment slips with light weight, firm structure and large holding range. These casing pipe slips are easy to fit the changing of the external diameter of the casing pipes due to wear and tear. Casing slips type UC-3 are designed with a 3" taper. They should work together with spiders and insert bowls with same taper. The tools are manufactured in the standard of API 7K and SY5049-91 “Slips for Well Drilling".

Technical Specifications:
Type 8 5/8 UC-3 10 3/4 UC-3 13 3/8 UC-3
Casing OD 7 5/8 8 1/8 8 5/8 9 9 5/8 10 3/4 11 3/4 12 3/4 13 3/8
Circular Buttons 10 10 12
Total number of segments 10 10 12
Handle 3 3 4
Fit Bushing Fit 4”  taper Fit 3”  taper

Because of most casing strings' weight and the relatively thin pipe wall, it's important that the supporting casing slips provide full circumferential grip. They are hinged together to wrap around the casing and exert a more uniform pressure. With each segment carrying the same load, casing pipe slips automatically center the casing string within the bushing or spider. And the casings could also keep a better shape. Then to change the number of segments and liners, casing slips can suit different sizes of casing pipes. Liners are held in place by a liner Retainer Key and Cotter Pin.

Jiangsu Saifu Petrol- Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of casing slips and other oil drilling rig spare parts. After several years of research and innovation, the market share of our casing pipe slips is increasingly large. The products in the company include bushings, bottleneck elevator, manual tongs, spiders, slips, inserts and bit breakers. They're all in accordance with ISO9001-2008, ISO1400:2004, GB/T28001-2011 and API Spec 7K, 8C.

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