Y Slip Type Elevators

Y Slip Type Elevators

The Y series slip tubing elevator is a hoisting tool for handling tubing, drill pipe, casing, electric submersible pump and other tubular goods in oil and gas fields. These tubing elevators are especially fit for integral joint tubing and non-coupled casing. The slip tubing elevator is constructed in two halves of practically the same weight, four slip bodies and some inserts. Those tubing elevators provide good balance and easy opening and closing. The slip tubing elevator is designed and manufactured according to API Spec 'API Spec 8C-Specification for Drilling and Production Hoisting Equipment. With an excellent selection and a set of patents, the company supplies a wide variety of tubing elevators of solid structure. They're easy to operate and suitable for various diameters of tubing string lifting operations.

  • Tubing elevators are processed with high quality alloy steel.
  • For its light weight, small size and big load, the slip tubing elevator greatly reduces the strength of the user's work.
  • Tubing elevators are manufactured with the main subject, locking ring and safety pin components, etc.
  • The use of safety pins can be locked in the opening and closing of two limit positions, raising safety.

Technical Specifications of Tubing Elevators:

Model Pipe Size(in) Max Load(KN) Max Load(Tons)
YT 33.4-88.9 (1.315-3 1/2) 670 75
YC Slip Tubing Elevator 88.9-117.8 (3 1/2-7) 670 75
HYT 60.3-88.9 (2 3/8-3 1/2) 1350 150
MYT 33.4-73 (1.315-2 7/8) 360 40
LYT 26.7-52.4 (1.05-2 1/16) 180 20

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