DDZ, DDZ TD18 Degree Center Latch Elevators

Type SP Single Joint Elevators

Model DDZ elevators are the centre latch elevators while type DDZ TD elevators are the top drive elevators. DDZ, DDZ TD18 degree center latch elevators are applied for handling 18 taper shoulder drill pipe, drilling tools and etc. The rated load of this bottleneck elevator ranges from 150t (1350KN) to 500(4500KN). The diameter of model DDZ center latch elevator bores is from 83mm to 179mm. DDZ, DDZ TD 18 degree center latch elevators bear API monogram. And they're marked with size of casing and rated working capacity.

Specifications of 18 Degree Center Latch Elevators:
Model Drill Pipe Size and Style Diameter of Elevator Bores Elevator Sign Max. Load Tons(KN)
DDZ67 23/8EU 67 23/8EU DDZ 150 (1350) 250 (2250) 350 (3150) 500(4500)   DDZ TD 350 (3150) 500(4500)  
DDZ83 27/8EU 83 27/8EU
DDZ101 31/2EU 101 31/2EU
DDZ109 4IU 109 4IU
DDZ121 4EU 121 4EU
41/2IU 41/2IU
41/2IEU 41/2IEU
DDZ133 41/2EU 133 41/2EU
DDZ148 51/2IEU 148 51/2IEU
DDZ 159 5 7/8IEU 159 5 7/8IEU
DDZ179 6 5/8IEU 179 6 5/8IEU

Jiangsu Saifu Petrol- Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional 18 degree center latch elevators manufacturer and supplier in China. The company possesses strong technical force, excellent production equipments and complete test facilities. The products cover bushings, bottleneck elevator, manual tongs, spiders, slips, inserts and bit breakers, etc. All products are in accordance with ISO9001-2008, ISO1400:2004, GB/T28001-2011 and API Spec 7K, 8C. These drilling tools are widely exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa and South-East Asia and other overseas regions.

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