Casing Tongs

Casing Tongs

The casing tong is widely applied for making-up and breaking-out of casings or pipes in the drill tool up and down operation. And the handling size of the tong can be altered by replacing hinge jaws and handling shoulders of latch lug jaws. This casing manual tong can also be supplied with torque device to perform computer monitoring and managing on pressure, torque and rounds. The casing tong is designed and manufactured in accordance with the API Spec 7K “Specification for Drilling and Well Servicing Equipment” and the National Standard for the Petroleum Gas Industry SY/T 5035 “Elevator Links, Elevators and Tongs”.

  • The heads of the casing manual tong are designed in “open” type, and they can freely clamp and escape from the casing.
  • With a simple structure, the casing tong is safe, reliable and easy to handle with high mobility.
  • Casing manual tong can be connected to computer controlling units. And they serve as ideal well mechanical tools for surface operation.

Technical Specifications:

Gripping Range Torque Max of Casing Tongs (KN.m)
mm in
340-368 133/8-141/2 35
368-406 141/2-16
406-445 16-171/2
445-483 171/2-19
483-508 19-20
508-546 20-211/2
546-584 211/2-23
610-648 24-251/2
648-686 251/2-27
686-724 27-281/2
724-762 281/2-30

As a professional drilling rig tools and oil drilling rig spare parts supplier, the company manufactures all the products including the casing tong according to ISO9001-2008, ISO1400:2004, GB/T28001-2011 and API Spec 7K, 8C. They're largely exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa and South-East Asia and other overseas regions.

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